Step into the one place where you can make all the difference - YOU


With great compassion, skill and humour, About You Group founder, Nada Tramosljanin, has developed a unique set of proven “how-to” tools designed to generate self confidence and empowered living.

About You Group is the culmination of Nada's professional training in kinesiology, holistic counselling and organisational coaching, combined with her real life experiences and thousands of clinic hours at her two Sydney practices.

About You Group programmes encourage individuals, executives and organisations to embark upon a contemporary collaborative journey of self-discovery that is as practical as it is motivational.

Along the way you’ll learn exactly how to:

  • Transform your ‘inner critic’ to become a powerful collaborator
  • Change emotional stress and negative reactions effortlessly
  • Break free of the spiral of chronically analyzing issues
  • Activate more energy, feel more confident and resilient
  • Communicate naturally from a more authentic Self
  • Create harmonious, productive workplaces


About You Group programmes are hands-on, down-to-earth, and actionable in your everyday life.

This is not an esoteric teaching but a constructive step-by-step method to integrate mind and body for enhanced personal freedom, success and possibility.

Deepen your emotional and social intelligence as you connect more completely with your inner world and emotional Self.

Learn what it really means that everything that matters – every answer you’ll ever need – is already and always within you.

My book is published! Available in print and ebook version. Please click this link for Amazon sales page.