Step into the one place where you can make all the difference - YOU

"That is what Nada helps you with - to be your best you"

Working with Nada has probably been one of the most invaluable experiences of my life to date. I would say it is the best gift that I have ever given myself. I have recommended her services to so many of my close friends and would not do so if I did not personally see any benefits. Nada’s work is an amazing combination of processes and it feels that balance is being achieved in many areas of my life; mental, physical and spiritual. I feel that with most ‘therapies’ you are only offered either one or the other. This multi-layered approach helps create a sense of working towards a complete wholeness within oneself. The path to self- realisation, acceptance and love is never an easy one, however every time I leave a session with Nada I always feel like I have empowered myself. I never feel like I am being steered by anyone else’s opinions or ideals and that every milestone, personal triumph or goal achieved in my life, has been purely due to my own in built (newly discovered and re-discovered) resources. That is what Nada helps you with - to be your best you.
F.M. Cronulla NSW

"I walk with a new sense of clarity and confidence".

From the first moment I met Nada, the rapport was instant and the environment was safe and comforting. She has helped me navigate through my toughest times and every time I see her, I walk out with a new sense of clarity and confidence. Nada is compassionate, insightful and speaks from a wealth knowledge and life experience. She also has a great sense of humour! Her offering is absolutely unique and works on all levels of mind, body and spirit and I cannot be more grateful to be working with her. Everyone needs Nada in their life!
E.P. Chatswood NSW

"...she has passed on that once foreign language I needed to learn in order to speak to my inner world".

Seeing Nada has brought a whole new perspective into life.  She carefully directed me into discovering simple ways I could use to overcome my personal challenges and unknown causes of painful & upsetting emotions. I haven’t come across anyone who knows how to deal with emotions more effectively and gently than Nada, and I am blessed to say that she has passed on that once foreign language I needed to learn in order to speak to my inner world. Seeing her was literally a life changing experience. Thank you Nada!
J.A. Mosman NSW

"her work in unlike any coaching or counselling service I had ever experienced".

I first saw Nada in March 2012. Her work was unlike any other coaching or counselling service I had ever experienced. Nada’s methods seemed to focus not just on the issues and emotions and talking about them, she also worked with me to clear these issues and let them go. This had never been offered to me by conventional counselling. I couldn’t believe how I felt after the session. Every time I reflected on the subject that we had worked through I no longer felt saddened by the issue. It was as though I had truly let go of it. I no longer got choked up or emotional when I thought of it. I had a few more sessions with Nada and we discussed various issues including ones I didn’t even realise I had been holding on to. After each and every session I had the same result, things that had been bothering me no longer seemed relevant. This opened up space for me to concentrate on my main task and that was falling pregnant. Which I can happily say happened in May 2012. As cliché as it might sound, Nada has changed my life. Her work is truly amazing.
C. B. Lane Cove NSW

" amazing ability to bring out the best...".

I was feeling so indecisive and miserable about my life that I knew something had to be done. My first visit with Nada left me feeling very positive about my future. Throughout my sessions, not only did I find Nada to be caring, understanding and compassionate, she also had an amazing ability to bring out the best in my life experiences (this was something I desperately needed to learn and lacked from other professions). Her skills and expertise showed me how I could move beyond my negativity and self doubt. Nada has given me the confidence, skills and motivation to look at my situations in a much lighter view and has taught me to "self nurture" when needed.  I have now for the first time in my life accepted that "I'm ok" with who I am, which is an amazing achievement. Thanks Nada, you are truly an amazing person and professional with an ability to "teach" people the impossible ~ and for me that was love and acceptance of oneself. I don't know where I would be today if it wasn't for your expertise, kindness & unbelievable patience... :)
A.P. Carlton NSW

"I love my sessions with Nada! They are enlightening, empowering...".

I love my sessions with Nada! They are enlightening, empowering and the most holistic approach to emotional and physical wellbeing I have come across. With Nada’s skill and guidance I have been able to put behind me emotional issues which I have been carrying around for years. But it is not only in this area that Nada excels. As one of her tools to optimize physical health she uses the amazing LIFE biofeedback system which gives a comprehensive assessment of your health. With this information any imbalances can be addressed before they become a major problem. To anyone who is interested in prevention, optimal health and personal growth I highly recommend including sessions with Nada as part of your health regimen.
S. T. Concord NSW

"...I have unravelled many core beliefs more clearly than any other therapy has done".

Thanks to the skill and knowledge of Nada I have unravelled many core beliefs more clearly than any other therapy has done. As a result I am more confident and gentle with myself. Even when working on difficult issues Nada consistently provided a safe environment and always knew when to challenge and when to nurture. I have recommended Nada to many of my closest friends so they too can experience life changing results.
M. L. Marrickville NSW

"...the sessions she facilitated were truly amazing...".

My experience with Nada was about learning to listen to my body’s messages and pinpointing the real issues that were creating my emotional stress. Nada made me feel at ease from the first moment we met. I have been living for a long time with feelings and sometimes anger that could be traced back to my childhood. Thanks to Nada, the sessions she facilitated were truly amazing and my transformation left me with confidence and motivation to enjoy life.
R. C. Hunters Hill NSW

"Nada equipped me with the tools I needed to move forward in my life...".

My sessions with Nada equipped me with the tools I needed to move forward in my life, accept responsibility, regain control of my feelings and finally get my intuition back in line. During my sessions with Nada I recognised personality traits which have been creating friction in my life. To my surprise, through Nada’s sessions and by following her recommendations I was able to turn my thought patterns around to change my perception of situations. I felt comfortable and relaxed to open up during sessions – this was not possible with previous practitioners. It is difficult to explain Nada’s processes – but the only advice I can provide to prospective clients is ‘don’t waste time trying to solve what it is you may never recognise in yourself. Seek Nada’s assistance to open up avenues for yourself not previously possible.
B. M. Stanwell Park NSW

"Nada identified a number of deep seated imbalances which she helped me unblock...".

I found Nada to be an extremely caring, understanding and sympathetic person and I always look forward to my sessions with her. Nada initially identified a number of deep seated imbalances which she helped unblock. This allowed me to become a more positive and healthy person without the baggage of many years standing. Nada has also been using the LIFE biofeedback system to identify and rebalance stress in the body. I am constantly amazed by what imbalances come up and with Nada’s insight, they always make sense in relation to any ongoing health problems. This amazing program has over 7,000 frequencies of stress and is the ultimate in preventative health care.
E. G. Balmain NSW

"...there was an immediate tapping into what mattered..".

I can't speak highly enough of Nada. From our first contact there was an immediate tapping into what mattered and a definite sense that she ‘got me’ in a way that previous practitioners had missed. Our sessions together have been extremely meaningful, cathartic and enlightening. They have allowed me to safely and honestly explore myself and have stimulated much growth and hope in my life.
A. S. Summer Hill NSW

" made it so easy to talk to you. I wish I had done it earlier".

Thank you Nada for all you have done for me. I was confused and going through a difficult time in my life and you showed me how to see things differently. You never let me down when I needed you. You gave me wonderful guidance and did so in such a compassionate and caring way. I must admit I was skeptical at first and not sure I wanted to face things but you made it so easy to talk to you. I wish I had done it earlier. You are a wonderful human being and I will never forget how much you helped me. Thank you thank you!
S.P.  Casula NSW

"...I turned a corner and did not need to go down the road of anti-anxiety medication".

Nada was recommended to me by a friend at a point when I desperately needed help. A long string of traumatic events had left me experiencing tremendous anxiety and panic attacks. I was also having a lot of strange physical symptoms following a major surgery that were very frightening. Nada’s caring and intuitive treatments were a combination of counselling, kinesiology and homeopathy that worked on a deep emotional level. This began to shift established negative patterns which gave me the space to change my outlook and allow real healing. Thanks to Nada I turned a corner and didn’t need to go down the road of anti- anxiety medication. My symptoms have subsided and I have a more robust and positive outlook for the future. Nada comes from a place of genuine empathy and has a natural ability to put a person at ease.
J.W. Randwick NSW

"This has meant healing in many other areas I didn't even realise were connected...".

I found my sessions with Nada incredibly valuable. Nada works in a deep and meaningful way, and was able to identify and access the deeper core issues behind the more symptomatic reasons I came to see her, and really work to resolve the issues at a deeper level. This has meant healing in many other areas I didn’t even realise were connected to the same root cause. Nada is professional, but so very warm, nurturing and encouraging. I felt very safe and cared for throughout our sessions together.
J. L. Paddington NSW

 " really is an inside job."

I have spent the vast majority of my life pleasing others. I would change my behaviour and opinions around different people and would bend over backwards to do anything for everyone, even if it came at a great cost to myself. If I thought someone didn’t like me I would spend hours trying to work out why and what I could do to make them like me. I had no idea who I was. I had numerous failed relationships and felt empty inside. Nada showed me a different way of thinking. She helped me realise that I was 'ok' and how to hold my own value. Nada showed me techniques to help strengthen my sense of self and how vital it was to approve of myself first. Nada really is the worlds’ best kept secret. She opens you up to a world that you didn't know existed and shows you that love really is an inside job. Nada really listens to you and gets to the core of what you are struggling with very quickly. Every piece of information from Nada is like a precious gem. I walk away from every session feeling excited about life and my future. I love my new way of thinking and knowing that I am capable of handling anything that life throws at me.
L. M. Balgowlah Heights NSW


"I have never before experienced such a major shift in such a relatively short time". 

As a counsellor and mental health professional, I have studied and sought various therapies and healing processes and followed my own intuitive ways of healing for many years. Over this time I have gained a lot of knowledge about my past and how it has shaped me. When I recently needed to address another level of childhood trauma I was introduced to Nada. I found the work we did together was a unique experience. I have never experienced such a major shift in such a relatively short time. Nada's way of working has brought about an amazing change in me. I have found Nada's instinctive and unique approach incredibly healing. I now have techniques to have healthier relationships with people and most importantly I now have a healthy regard for myself.  Thank you so much Nada.
J.M. Balmain NSW 

"Nada blows me away with her insight."

I do not believe there are words in my vocabulary to express what I feel about Nada.  I find her extremely intuitive and genuine. Nada blows me away with her insight.  I have seen many people over the years and I believe Nada is incredibly gifted. She guides me to be kind to myself, to be accepting of who I am. Most of all, she has helped me to realise that my life can be whatever I want it to be.
V. E. Concord NSW

"It's the feeling of being freed up, equipped and taking control."

Nada’s work incorporates all aspects of your life and it begins a success story from the first visit! With every session I walk out feeling changed and moved. It's the feeling of being freed up, equipped and taking control. Nada, your work has opened up my world to become greener and brighter and I am so much stronger. I never knew how to find the real me and now I do! Not only do I now know myself, I am learning to really love and care for myself and that feels great!
K.R. Neutral Bay NSW

"The best part of all is finally loving and becoming best friends with myself".

Wow -I would love to thank the universe for connecting me with this amazing, inspirational, positive, healing and calm lady called Nada. I LOVE my life changing sessions! After my difficult and painful divorce Nada has taught me how to overcome many personal challenges and now I am a happy single mum running an awesome business. The best part of all is finally loving and becoming best friends with myself. Learning that you can achieve everything you want and only YOU can make it happen is a great tool to learn! Thank you so much Nada for helping me get to this level in my life and for empowering my mind for the next stage!
S. M. Cherrybrook NSW

"Gone are the emotional barriers that held me back". 

Nada has changed my life. She helped me when other methods (clinical psychologist and doctors) failed. I had a good life but was unhappy in my intimate relationships. I was physically tired and suffered from IBS. Since working with Nada, my energy levels have increased, my IBS is history but most importantly, I realised I could have more from life. Gone are the emotional barriers that held me back. I now have standards for my relationships and I am working towards having an exceptional life! Instead of focusing on one method or belief, Nada’s work draws on her extensive knowledge base and she makes you feel safe to explore you!
K.P. Koonawara NSW

"The education I received while seeing her is priceless...".

I was referred to Nada when the inner turmoil I had for a while had worsened after an abusive relationship I was in. Nada helped me overcome a lot of my deep rooted issues I’d had since I was an infant and helped strengthen me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The education I received while seeing her is priceless and something I am grateful for everyday – she has made me see life in a different light and I now have the tools to deal with challenging situations a lot better. She is easy to speak to and really makes you feel at ease. I strongly recommend anyone to see Nada and have referred many of my friends to her.
Thank you for everything Nada. You’ve made me a stronger person and I will forever be grateful for having the chance to meet you.
G.B. Sydney NSW

" life has never been better...".

Nada was recommended to me when I hit a very low point in life having experienced three significant losses at once. Change was forced upon my life and I needed to change inside myself to survive. Her variety of healing tools and her innate ability to identify and apply them effectively really does set her apart from many other therapists I have seen. I have been working with Nada on and off now for 3 years and her methods combined with her unique perspective have empowered me to transform many aspects of my life. I have felt comfortable being completely honest in my sessions with Nada, which has not always been easy, yet has definitely expedited my healing process. I can attribute this to Nada’s high level of empathy combined with her professionalism and willingness to work through the hard stuff with me to achieve my progress. In the last 3 years I have experienced transformation in many aspects of life and am now happily married, have quit smoking, am in full health and fitness and love my new career. The most significant benefit for me from seeing Nada is self-empowerment. Through our sessions, Nada has given me the tools, which I can now use by myself for continued elevation, self-transformation and mindful living. Thanks Nada.
J.W. Surry Hills NSW

"....resolve the issues that are holding you back from being the most amazing, successful and happy person that you can be".

A colleague of Nadas’ referred me to her three times before I actually made my first appointment. My hesitations about commencing the process of dealing with my ‘baggage’ were quickly allayed when I walked through her door. I felt a trust, connection and instantly at ease in her presence. And throughout our work together Nada’s intuitive, practical and gentle approach was a credit to her and our success. Since working with Nada at various times over the last 4 years, my life has never been better. With Nada’s help and support I am now leading a full life complete with new career, healthy relationships and a successful partnership with the love of my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without everything I have been though, but I also wouldn’t be this happy and successful without Nada’s’ help to guide me through the process of dealing with the tough times and to help me appreciate and understand that I deserved every happiness and success life has to offer. I recommend Nada without hesitation if you are seeking a professional to guide you through the sometimes tough journey of self discovery, to resolve issues that are holding you back from being the most amazing, successful and happy person that you can be.
K.J. Paddington NSW

" I look from a positive healthy mindset".

I was referred to Nada at a turning point in my life. Nada assisted me to truly look at myself and how I was living my life. Nada showed me how to not to be too hard on myself, that I was an ok person. The saying 'The teacher will come when the student is ready' is how I describe my process of change with Nada. I am truly grateful for my sessions with Nada. I am still finding things out about myself but now I look from a positive, healthy mindset.
F. A. Wahroongha NSW

"Not only does she offer meaningful insights, but also invaluable tools in which to develop your own sense of agency and esteem".

I first came to see Nada following many health issues which had left me feeling constantly exhausted and hopeless about what life has to offer.  It is only now when I look back I can truly see how closed off and disconnected I was from myself. But very gently Nada has walked with me, each and every step of the way, through some difficult childhood experiences. I have gone from barely being able to speak to speaking more freely; from seeing a world in black and white to colour. Nada has always made herself available and when I felt like giving up, she never did.  Having someone who is willing to just sit with you, as sometimes this was all I could manage, felt so soothing and safe.  Nada has a calming influence and I have always felt supported and protected by her, even when I needed to be challenged. Her capacity to just “get things”, and to know the way forward is comforting, particularly when you are feeling so overwhelmed and at a loss. Not only does she offer meaningful insights, but also invaluable tools in which to develop your own sense of agency and esteem. Thank you so much Nada, I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met you. You are the real deal and anyone who comes to see you will surely be blessed.
J.K. Ryde NSW

"I feel so liberated from my previous self limiting beliefs".

Nada's sessions have been fundamental to finding my personal freedom. She has absolute clarity and incredible insight on what the real issues are. With this clarity she has provided practical and effective techniques that have empowered me to grow, heal the past and create the life that I want. Her combination of experience, professionalism, insight, gentleness and humour has enabled significant personal transformation in such a short period of time. I feel so liberated from my previous self limiting beliefs. My friends tell me that they've never seen me happier. I am truly grateful for the difference Nada has made to my life. I look forward to the day when Nada publishes her first book and provides group workshops. The world needs more of what Nada has to offer.
R. Z. Bardwell Park NSW

"...I really feel like I am improving....."

Nada really helped me to decide what is important in my life. In every session, she said at least one thing that really changed the way I think about things. Nada encouraged me to make decisions, something that was very difficult for me, and I really feel like I am improving on this with her help. Nada is such a warm, non-judgemental and wise woman, who focuses on helping you to live your best life.
C. G. Neutral Bay NSW

"My behaviours have started changing without me realising it."

Nada has empowered me to see the world differently, become comfortable with who I am and taught me methods to deal with issues even when I can't get to a session. My behaviours have started changing without me realising it, and after the event I realize how much better I'm able to deal with things. For example, I was always second guessing my relationship I'm engaged to the man of my dreams. Now that I've moved to London we do Skype sessions and her magic still works! I'm actually always excited for each session as I come away feeling so positive and empowered every time!

P. S. London U.K.

"I now love myself and I know that I am important and worthwhile."

I have feelings of nostalgia, wonderment, and extreme thankfulness at what a wonderful and positive impact Nada has had on my life. From when I first sought Nada's assistance, I was amazed at how quickly (and accurately) she was able to tap into my inner psyche. She was able to gently peel away the layers I had erected to protect myself from remembering things that had happened to me as a child. For the first time I was able to see how issues that occurred in my childhood ended up defining who I became as an adult. As an adult I seemed happy but I always made poor decisions, particularly when it came to relationships. I was also a bit of a control freak and overly concerned about fixing other people's problems. I was also worried about what other people thought of me and was always craving their acceptance. I am so thankful to Nada for helping me change all that and become the confident, positive person I am today! Nada has also helped restore a beautiful relationship between my mother and myself. I now love myself and I know that I am important and worthwhile. I will not accept what is not acceptable; I am better than that! But most of all, Nada has taught me to listen to my gut and follow what it says. I have made very few poor decisions since becoming aware that my gut feeling is very powerful and very accurate! I could not recommend Nada highly enough, I am eternally grateful to her for instilling in me faith and confidence in myself.
D.W. Blacktown NSW